TOPIC: christkiller ep
"The stonerrock scene in Germany seems to be growing at a pretty fast rate... Most of the stuff I´ve reviewed the last couple of weeks have been from German bands and most of it have been very good... If you´re looking for some groove laden stoner tunes with a trippy feel to `em, you´d love a band like Mojo Jazz Mob... their songs have a lot in common with the style of bands like Orange Goblin. Kyuss at their trippiest also comes to mind, but MJM are no cloneband what-so-ever... The first of the two songs on this promo is "Plasma Junge", at first it sounds a lot like Orange Goblin, maybe a little to much... But this song have enough of that trippy stuff to make it stand on it´s own... After listening a couple of more times I end up loving it... "A.R.E. you A.I.R.?" are even better than "Plasma Junge", it´s an almost 9 minutes long trip... and again bands like Orange Goblin and Kyuss comes to mind... this one manage to have both a real heavy groove and a nice psychedelic touch... might not be anything new here, but then again I´m a sucker for bands that can manage to be both trippy and heavy... Look out for "A.R.E. you A.I.R.?" on Daredevil´s / Monster Zero´s "Burned Down To Zero" compilation... there will also be contributions by bands like Mushroom River Band, Tummler and Ufomammut... should be a great one... I´m quite impressed with the german scene today. A few years ago I had some friends who hailed from Germany and whenever they had any new german record to play it was a regular suckfest... Needless to say, those guys are no longer friends of mine ;) Bands like Payola, Smoke Blow, HAL 9000, Nixon Now and MOJO JAZZ MOB have opened up my eyes for german music again... Keep Up The Good Work!!!"