TOPIC: christkiller ep
"Hey, listen a minute, this band is a very very very good surprise. Their music is pure doom rockin'. During these two songs they give us the proof of the quality of their music. The first song "Plasma Junge" walk in the steps of the mighty Acrimony. Good rythmn guitars, Drums from space and some very good vocals. The production is very good. Just with this song Mojo jazz mob make your blood boiling and takes you higher than several rock bands united. The next song "A.R.E you A.I.R" is a bit mor atmospheric with more spacey feelings. Some guitars parts follows a bit the way of Subarachnoid space but there's heavy parts too. The vocals lines are mixed a bit as Hawkwind done on several records to give more psychedelic vibes. Mojo jazz mob is for me the best new band of this year. Lots of quality in their songwriting. If Records labels don't give to Mojo jazz mob a deal, there's something rotten in the music's world.
Mojo Jazz mob rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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