TOPIC: christkiller ep
"Cool name, another German stoner mob! Usually it's hard to get an impression from only 2 songs, but this couple of tunes easily shows that this mob rocks! Wow, the first song blows straight forward through the ears! Simple, but fantastic classic heavy stoner riffing, clean vocals. Coming up with a great psychedelic break and a guitar solo that will surely be stuck in my ears forever. This song is fuckin' cool.The 2nd song starts real slow and gives some time to put thoughts together. But that's just the calm before the storm. Play this real loud! It's an almost 9 minute monster of a song. I can't help, but those riffs got some Kyuss influences for sure, brainsticking stuff!Give these guys a fat, sharp production, make the singer sound just a little more powerful and they will blow away! Rating: 2."
| | Ralf Burkart