TOPIC: christkiller ep
"Once in a great long while I'll get a promo from a band that will totally blow me away and make me throw my hands toward the heavens and rejoice. I friggin' love music, and it's the rare 1 out of a hundred bands that can do it REALLY right, where it stirs something deeper than just communication between synapses. Dennis Schock from Mojo Jazz Mob sent me this two track demo for me to spin. The guy spent hard earned dough to send it all the way from Germany and into my bashed-up mailbox here in the states. The message to me? He knows it's good and wants to share it with the world. So, I'm gonna help him. With two tracks clocking in at almost fifteen minutes, The Mob is already on my good side, appealing to my jam band sensibilities. One of the first things I noticed about the Mob was the sound of the guitars. I've never heard a tone like that...I can't even describe it, but "space age" comes to mind. The first track "Plasma Junge" is pure clean, sonic beauty. Equal parts heavy and trippy, it's also damn catchy with one of those choruses that you catch yourself singing as you go about your day. The second and last track, "A.R.E. You A.I.R." is a masterpiece. Hypnotic soundscapes are painted, then ripped away, only to reform again. If there was ever an example of beauty in heaviness, this is it. Special kudos go out to singer Adrain Busen, who has an AWESOME voice. At 4'5", Adrain comes from the Ronnie James Dio school of "Little Men With Big Voices". His range and power complement the music seamlessly, even doing John Garcia/Robert Plant-like "Bring it back!"'s in the background, orchestrating the music along in it's ebb and flow. A great, great effort and I can't wait to hear what's next from these guys. Someone sign 'em please!!!"