TOPIC: pacific daybreak - broken nights
" Mojo Jazz Mob from the western part of Germany is around since years and right now they signed to the legendary Swamp Room Label. This is definitely the most kicking record on Swamp Room and the best output from the 4 Stoner Rockers so far! Especially the vocals from Adrian, who was a weaker point in the band in the past, did a huge step forward. They bring you a classic mix of Stoner Rock and a lot of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE influences, especially at some refrains. The opener SERAPHYME U.S.D. is a great Stoner Rock song with a mighty, close to QOTSA, refrain! The following POSTIDEOLOGICAL SEHNSUCHT is another straight forward rocker, but with the refrain (..."we are the people") the put some Punk Rock influences and sing-a-longs into that song. Fits perfect! And the ending riff will drive you insane. Great! LOTUS, a nearly 8 minute Doomer, is a highlight on that record! Slow and with a lot of drive! A killer riff will lead you through the next coming AUTOAGGRESSION and Adrian did the best vocal-lines on that record! This track has the power and class to get a Stoner Rock highlight in the scene! The fast KNUTSEN `73 follows before PLASMA JUNGE bring you back to the classic Stoner sound! Killer track, especially the chorus again! COCAINE CIRCLE S.E.X. sounds like some missing QOTSA track again, especially the guitars are awesome! This is definitely the best MOJO JAZZ MOB track since years! With this song they can break into the mainstream! RIGOR MORTIS is over 8 minutes and over the whole distance a little to boring in my eyes, but the following RUDY SAWATZKY PERFORMS TIGER TIGER (what a great title) rocks like hell again! ZAHARA DE LOS ATUNES starts with a great acoustic instrumental part and turns into a mid-tempo rocker before the last track WHITE STAR MOON MACHINE shows again the Stoner Rock side of the band! PACIFIC DAYBREAK is a big surprise and a must have for fans of FU MANCHU, QOTSA, TRUCKFIGHTERS and real Stoner Rock fans!"

Genre: Stoner Rock
Music: 8
Sound: 8
Info: 12 Songs / 67 minutes

| | 29/11/2007
| by Jochen Böllath

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